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3/ Smart logistics chains

Logistics is an essential sector for the economy. Efficient supply chains facilitate trade and economic growth and are a success factor for companies. In this industry, Montea stands out because of its long-term vision. We pay attention to the wellbeing of our clients and the impact of our real estate on the environment. We are fully committed to sustainable and versatile buildings. 

  • 47% multimodality
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Accessible sites

Thanks to their strategic and multimodal locations, our buildings are easily accessible via motorways, railways, waterways, and airports. We invest in hubs on a city’s outskirts, with a view to facilitating efficient and environmentally friendly last-mile delivery.

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Multifunctional buildings

Our logistics properties must always be suitable for a variety of purposes and clients. That’s why we always create resilient buildings with sustainable materials and flexible design. This means they can be easily adapted to any current or future need our clients have.

“Thanks to its relatively large land bank, we believe Montea can outpace its main competitors in Western Europe. We prefer to keep earnings per share forecasts conservative. Instead, we like to focus on Montea's strong track record, where targets are consistently met.”
ABN Amro Steven Boumans
– Steven Boumans
Analyst ABN-AMRO Oddo BHF

Project in the spotlight

Blue Gate, Antwerp

The Blue Gate site was once the heavily polluted heart of Antwerp's petroleum industry. Together with our partners, we transformed it into the first eco-effective, water-bound business park in Belgium. 

P101 Antwerp Blue Gate Amazon