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1/ Sustainable value creation

Our expanded land bank creates sustainable value for our clients, our investors, and our company. In 2023, our portfolio grew by €109 million euros, bringing our total real estate assets to €2.3 billion. 

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An average annual increase of 8%

Over the past decade, our earnings per share grew by an average of 8% per year. In 2023, our EPRA earnings per share rose to €4.45, a 9% increase. Thanks to our recognition as an FBI (‘Fiscale Beleggingsinstelling’) in the Netherlands for the financial years 2021 and 2022, we were able to add another €0.45 cents. In parallel, the proposed dividend rose to €3.74 per share, an increase of 13%. 

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Acquisitions in 2023

In 2023, we acquired a last-mile distribution center in Machelen, which is leased to FedEx for three and a half years to come. The solar panels on the roof of the building have a capacity of about 270 kWp, and the investment budget amounted to around €7 million euros.

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New construction projects completed in 2023

Our new and completed construction projects represent an area of about 65,000 m² and a total investment of around €57 million euros. These distribution centers are heated exclusively with heat pumps and benefit from optimum air density and low energy consumption (max 25 kWh/m² per year).

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Land bank of 2.4 million m², of which 1 million m² under development

In 2023, we announced our plan to bring as much as 1 million m² of our land bank into development in 2024 and 2025, with 65% of it on grey and brownfields. This substantial expansion will create some 600,000 m² of constructed area, 56,000 m² of which we already managed to already deliver in 2023.

“We were looking for a company with the same values, also in terms of sustainability. This is why we wanted to renew our partnership with Montea for our site in Arras.

We installed solar panels, just as a rainwater recovery system and electric charging points for our vehicles. Consequently, this collaboration is of major importance for us.”
– Geoffrey Braye
Logistic Director Advitam