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4/ Optimal use of space

Space is scarce yet demand for logistics capacity continues to rise. We answer that demand by making use of our available space in the most efficient way possible.

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Renewable energy

With generally flat roofs, logistics real estate is ideal for solar panels. In 2023, we raised the total capacity of PV installations in Belgium, the Netherlands, and France to 68 MWp. By the end of the year, almost all the roofs in our portfolio (95%) were equipped with solar panels.

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Clustering space and functions

We invest in logistics sites with multimodal connections so that they can immediately meet the needs of our clients. We also cluster available space and find ways for our clients to optimize their costs through solutions like charging stations, green zones, or better energy management.

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Building upwards

Whether it's a roof with parking, solar panels, or green spaces, we make use of every square meter and build upwards to reduce impact on the ground.

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Optimization is a top priority

We always prefer to optimize existing sites and buildings. If renovation is truly no longer feasible, we opt for redevelopment. If we have to look for new sites, we prefer to go for land that had an industrial function before.

“We’re proud of the significant land bank we’ve built up. Given the scarcity in the market and the demand for state-of-the art real estate, we are eager to activate it.

We are also going to put more effort into final mile-delivery by placing distribution centers on the outskirts of cities. Near shoring is also a factor. Companies want to move their inventories closer to home or even back a portion of their production process there.”
Dirk Van Buggenhout
– Dirk Van Buggenhout
Chief Sustainability Officer Montea