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5/ Long-term stakeholder relationships

With high-quality projects and long-term vision, we continue to enjoy the trust of our clients and shareholders. But we are also fully committed to the people who make it all possible: the Montea team. 

  • Average lease term: 6.5 years
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Our team

In 2023, we continued making substantial investments in the growth and working environment of our team. We put in place a new organizational structure, released our Brand Passport, and launched personal development plans, training courses, and team activities. At the end of 2023, Montea was proud to have nearly 60 employees, twice as many as two years earlier. With this remarkable team, we are ready now more than ever to sustain and expand our growth. 

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Our clients

Our clients are always the focus of our attention. In 2023, we continued to communicate proactively with them, further building our long-term partnerships and encouraging sustainable cooperation. We gave them concrete tools to reduce their energy costs and emissions, such as energy audits and a sustainability coach. 

Our shareholders

The trust of our shareholders and investors is essential to us. We focus on maintaining it through projects that add value, a strong balance sheet, optimal EPRA earnings, and active portfolio management. 

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Our society

Our activities have a direct impact on society. This is why we encourage every Monteaner to support social projects that are relevant to them. As a company, we contribute by raising awareness about sustainability in the workplace through our sustainability committee.